Ignite your Prayer and Worship to experience what God has in store for your Life.

Core Values

God First

God-First is our foundational value that expresses itself in the following ways:

Experiential Worship

Places value on encountering God through songs not only sung about God, but to Him in an environment that invites His presence.

Transformational Discipleship

Is learning that exhibits a transformation- there should be a change in the way you live and how you love others.

Authentic Relationships

Real relationships that establish heartfelt community.

Strategic Service

Where your unique gifting and wiring matches your area of service.

Impactful Evangelism

Goes beyond just influencing people, it’s reaching them for Christ and connecting them to a local church. We want to have a sustainable impact.

Accepting Atmosphere

Accepting Atmosphere is our cultural value that incorporates the following:

Attractively Diverse

The beautiful church that looks like heaven with every nation and race represented.

Genuinely Sincere

No masks, no undue formality, no pretense.

Comfortably Friendly

Not overly friendly and weird, just relaxed and at ease in how everyone is received.

Intellectually Safe

Leading people through deliberate explanation into an understanding of their experience.

Outward Focused

Because “once you’re focused inward it’s over.”

Relevant Environment

Relevant Environments is our expressional value that embodies the following:

Intentionally Designed

Environments that provide a place that expresses the particular preferences of any given ministry group.

Targeted Ministry

Requires having specific goals for ministry to children (nursery to high school) and by meeting the expressed and felt needs of adults as well.

Culturally Connecting

Provides for generational and cultural differences that relate to individual expectations and helps people to remain engaged in their experience.

Predictably Enjoyable

Embraces an environment where people can anticipate their experience will be real, relevant and enjoyable.

Visibly Safe

Provides the processes of safety incorporated in our ministries and the presence of security and ushers is obvious and intentional.